Fireworks Mania

Fireworks Mania

FIREWORKS MANIA is a small casual explosive simulator game where you play around with fireworks, create beautiful firework shows or just blow stuff up.

Learn more and find the game on Steam, Discord, Youtube, Twitter, How to create mods.

How to Create your own Mod

This is a collection of information you need for Modding

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First lets get Unity ready.

Follow this ReadMe on GitHub and make sure you don't skip ANY steps. 

Make sure you RESTART your pc after you installed GIT!!!

Once you are done with all of this you can now watch some of the videos that Laumania created on how to create mods.

Rules for uploading a Mod

How to describe/name your firework effects

How to update your Mod on

How to play Fireworks Mania as a Beta (experimental branch)

YouTube Video's by Laumania:

Getting Started Creating Mods

How to add your own model

How to create a firework prefab from scratch

How to add impact sound

How to upgrade mod tools

How to find Player.log %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Laumania ApS\Fireworks Mania

How to fix origin issues in your model

How to use fireworks texture from mod tools

How to export and import textured model from Blender to Unity

How to fix scaling issues in Blender and Unity

How to change thruster effect and behavior

How to create inventory icons

How to change and tweak particle effects

How to add custom sounds to your mod

Custom Firework Sound Collection (don't forget to credit the right license holders in your describtion)

Download Blender

Learn Low Poly Modeling in Blender 2.9 / 2.8 / Imphenziaunnamed

Free 3D Model Collection (don't forget to credit the right license holders in your describtion)

How to create Shells

Fireworks Mania Modding for Dummies by KenDoStudios



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